We’re here, we’re loud, we’re disabled and proud!

The Callout Crips is a collective blog about disability justice.

What it is:
  • A way for anyone to educate themselves on disability issues.
  • Perspectives shared by many members of the disability community (for we are a community, not a bunch of anomalies).
  • Collections of themes and trends.

What it is not:
  • Isolated individual stories. There are already lots of great individual blogs for that (we’ll make a post collecting them), so this blog is to show how those individual stories all add up to broader trends.
  • Gratuitous shame and blame. We want to call out ableism, but we want to do it in a way that helps everyone engage in the conversation, not shy away from it.
  • A rock band (yet).

If you’re curious about becoming a cofounder or contributor, email us at thecalloutcrips@gmail.com. We’re working on a manifesto, and we’d love your ideas.

Aubrie and Paulette